Become an InterYIT Young Member

InterYIT represents youth or Young ICT Professionals of National IT Societies from 40 countries or regions, covering all 5 continents at this point of time. Young members would be the task force of the InterYIT which will signify its presence among student community. Student are responsible for promoting InterYIT activities in their institutes An Young member can be an ideal nominee if you are passionate and excited about networking with people and sharing research knowledge.

InterYIT Young Members Roles & Responsibilities?
  • Studen members should play an active role in promoting InterYIT IFIP among their institute by organizing and promoting activities. ( Activities include Quizzes, Technical lectures, small workshops, symposiums, seminars, conferences and many more which doesn't attract much budget or are technically supported events )
  • They should promote these activities through Facebook, Whats Up, LinkedIn and publicizing it through mails.
  • To promote and help more members in your institute to be InterYIT young members.
  • InterYIT Young members can become InterYIT Young Leaders for their Institutes once they become

Any Student from an academic institution with less than 25 years of age.

What's In It for them??
  • Addition/Advantage to resume.
  • Gain recommendations.
  • Broaden your contacts and enhance your networking skills.
  • A soft copy of Recognition Certificate by InterYIT.
  • Involving with lot number of Activities.
  • Opportunity to attend at least one InterYIT associated event with some relaxations and partial support.
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