IFIP InterYIT (Young IT Professional’s) Awards 2019


InterYIT is a group for young professionals in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). InterYIT comes under IFIP – International Federation for Information Processing. IFIP is the leading multinational, apolitical organization in ICT which is recognized by United Nations and other world bodies.

International Young IT Awards is a project and a brand of IFIP implemented by InterYIT.


  • Recognize Young IT Professionals around the world at Global level for their achievements
  • Encourage young professionals to do even better in their profession
  • Connect up and coming IT Professionals with IFIP
  • Take IFIP Chair / InterYIT Chair message to younger audiences through young industry leaders
  • Elevate the ambitions and efforts made by professionals in ICT sector
  • Celebrate the Innovation and Technology advancement made by the professionals through Award recognition
  • Provide them a stage and spotlight to launch themselves to a global arena.
  • Review panel is independent and their selection is the final decision
  • Includes following
    • IFIP InterYIT Representative (Chair or his nominee)
    • 2 IFIP GA Members nominated by IFIP Chair
    • 1 University academic invited by IFIP InterYIT Chair (Non GA Member)
    • 1 Industry professional invite by IFIP InterYIT Chair (Non GA Member)
  • Application announcement – 1st January 2019
  • Applications deadline – 30th April 2019
  • Submission review – 1st May - 30th May 2019
  • Announcement of Awards- 1st June 2019
  • Presentation of Awards – 30th July 2019, London UK

Please note that IFIP InterYIT does not sponsor anyone to be present at this event. The organization that nominee belongs to or nominee themselves have to fund themselves for their travel and accommodation. In the event a winner is not present at the event, their award will be announced at the event and the certificate/plaque will be couriered to the winner.

  • Individuals can apply
  • Organisations/individuals are open to nominate others for Awards competition. The Review Panel may consider allocating additional marks for such nominations. However, the Review Panel is independent and their decision is the final decision.
  • No prior nomination or award winning in past is mandatory for sending nominations for awards
  • The maximum age for applying for Young IT & Startup Award is 35 years
  • Nominations are complimentary for IFIP members, society’s members. Non-members have to pay EU 100 after submission of the nomination form.
  • To view the list of member countries/ societies who are part of IFIP :

International Young IT Professional of the Year
  • Contribution to the organization of the nominee
  • Contribution to the ICT industry and the community
  • Demonstrated ability to use ICT Knowledge
International Young IT Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Successful business model for a business/startup associated with a ICT product/service
  • Successful implementation of a business/startup organization associated with a ICT product/service (Organisations operating for more than for 2 years will be considered, and Review Panel may request further details about the organization/business during their review, however, basic information with facts to assess the success have to be submitted)
  • Contribution to the ICT industry and the community
Best International Student IT Project of the Year
  • Innovative use of ICT in a university/college project
  • The project submission should be a part of a ICT degree/study programme, and evidence to support this has to be submitted (University name/college, supervisor name/contact, subject name)
  • Successful demonstration of the product/service/technology (Please note that attachment/link has to be provided of the project/product as a demonstration)
Innovation in ICT Education Solutions
  • Innovative use of ICT in providing Education solutions
  • Practical use of Innovative education solutions provided by an individual to schools/ institutions/ universities through demonstration
Best Entrepreneur in Software Development
  • Strong leadership with the ability to drive the business forward and solve day to day business problems.
  • A robust business plan based on sound research.
  • Best software solutions developed and provided to the customers & clients
  • Customer satisfaction review from the client
  • Development of software using the most unique and innovative technology in line with the customer / project requirement
Best Researcher of the year
  • Recognized contributions to research which have earned distinction from the researchers and University highlighting the importance and exceptional characteristics of research work.
  • Importance and exceptional characteristics of research
  • Details of research published in any of the journals
Best IoT Solutions provider of the year
  • IoT that drive innovation and exemplify the best use of IoT technology solutions
  • Identify IoT based solutions provided with project report
  • Demonstrate truly industry-leading approach
Best ICT Technology provider of the year
  • Unique & Strong ICT Technology and strategy to meet objectives, achieve greater competitiveness of the work/project.
  • Fundamental use of technology in achieving business goals
  • Showcase the use of technology provided and reviews from customers and organizations
ICT Rising Star of the Year
  • Tremendous dedication, vision and ability to create effective and collaborative team work and implementing successful growth models
  • Outstanding individual achievement and significant leadership leading to growth
  • Continually exceed performance expectations.
Digital Online Startup of the year
  • Best sales and marketing strategy used by individual to promote online startup
  • Significant growth based on the strategic decisions
  • Vision for the growth of business
Women Digital Startup of the year
  • Female entrepreneur for outstanding achievement in business
  • Best exemplify effective leadership, innovation, business growth and sustainability
  • Demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of the larger community
Best E-commerce startup of the year
  • Recognition of a Search or Marketing campaign that has successfully enhanced the visibility of a E-Commerce Business.
  • Contribution in e-commerce design, creative marketing, design with customer review
  • Knowledge of how new technology can deliver a competitive advantage
  • A determination to strive for continued success by pushing the boundaries
Best early stage startup
  • To recognise Pre-seed & Seed stage
  • Individual Startup that displays great potential for future growth
Best Digital Entrepreneur of the year
  • An individual’s outstanding an optimum use off digital platform
  • Use of digital technology in predicting trends, doing things differently and getting great results.
Intraprenuer Award
  • An individual who as an intrapreneur is able to deal with challenging situations by getting to the root of the problem first and using innovative methods to solve complex problems.
Innovative Startup of the year in ICT
  • A pioneer with a new approach or technology.
  • Recognizes business imperative of anticipating and embracing changes occurring in the competitive environment through continuous improvement and innovation in all aspects of the business.
  • Creates a culture of innovation